The heavens declare the

glory of God

and the sky above proclaims

his handiwork.

Psalm 19:1

At Grace Community Church, we enjoy worship around
the truth of a loving God believing that He alone
is worthy of all praise, honor and glory. 
Through salvation in Jesus Christ, we experience life by God's Spirit, and guidance through the Bible. 
We believe the worldwide Church exists to glorify God, and our lives as Believers in Christ are defined throughout the Bible.
All of life is to be lived as an act of worship to the One true God

9:30 Sunday School
10:30 Worship Service

We have a time of fellowship and refreshment between services each
week at 10:15. Please enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
and make new friends!

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Grace Community Church
105 W. Sheridan, Fremont, MI 49412